Installation & Username, Password

Dear Divine,

I hope are you fine 

I am having a lot of trouble in installing this script and also you have not provided proper documentation to install this script, so I am facing problem.

I talked to you on WhatsApp. Do you know why my website is not installing? Can you please fix it?

Thank you 


Asked 2 months ago on March 12, 2024 1:07 PM Comments 3 times

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    Rohail Akhtar replied

    Bro, Just add /public at the end of your URL. Than Setup

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    Jay Kishor Sah replied

    Dear Sir, 


    Good day!


    I have a lot of websites, I can't give access to the cpanel, and If you had given me proper documents, then I would not have had any problem Kindly fix my issue.


    Thank you 




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    Support replied

    give me cpanel access details.. we will setup propare

    Support DivineTechs
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