NODE API SETUP  INSTRUCTION NOT GIVEN . when we check the url https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public/api given on admin panel setting shows error 404 not found


Asked 1 month ago on January 30, 2023 11:28 AM Comments 7 times

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    Support replied

    check video


    Support DivineTechs
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    Support replied

    you must have to follow some step to install api


    sudo apt install nodejs


     node -v



     Now move your api code on server and go to dir 


     npm install


     sudo npm install [email protected] -g


     pm2 start server.js



     pm2 list

    Support DivineTechs
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    Lalan Sarkar replied

    show me an example of node_api.zip's config.js file mine is still app stuck on splash: 

    module.exports = (function () {

      let data = {

        IMAGE_BASE_PATH: "https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public/images/",

        BASE_PATH: "https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public/",

        USER_BASE_PATH: "/www/wwwroot/panel.malangkeithel.com/public/images/",

        JWTSecretKey: "UItqFq5qWAb8h7QCahTrYe8PKSM5u5YcI3lIhecaZD2tEsriQnWhtAb86HZsNKoy",

        default_auth_token: "jQfq4I2q6lv",

        refresh_token: "",

        host: "localhost",

        port: 8080,

        androidAppVerision: "1.0.0",

        iosAppVerision: "1.0.0",

        mailerEmail: "",

        mailerPassword: "@",

        awsAccesskey: "",

        awsSecretkey: "",

        s3bucketName: "",

        s3uploadURL: "",

        buildingRadius: 50,

        paginationCount: 5,

        colorLogoLink: '',

        notificaionCount: 10,

        landlord_flag: 1,

        property_manager_flag: 2,

        attorney_flag: 3,

        process_server_flag: 4,

        admin_flag: 5,

        distanceRadius: 10,

        admin_user_type_for_chat_user: 5,

        budget_sms_username: "",

        budget_sms_user_id: "",

        budget_sms_handle: "",

        timeRegex: /^(?:(?:([01]?\d|2[0-3]):)?([0-5]?\d):)?([0-5]?\d)$/,

        dateRegex: /^(19|20|21|22)\d\d[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])$/,

        language: [{ name: "en", value: "English" }, { name: "tr", value: "Turkish" }, { "name": "fa", "value": "Farsi" }, { "name": "ar", "value": "Arabic" }],


        auto_detect_code: "jQfq4I2q6lv",

        distanceMatrixAPI: "AIzaSyDzMmNdAGlc9Vqa9VHc9byX9sBk14NDUVs",

        adminPanelLink: 'https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public'



        data.host = 'localhost'

        data.db = {

          host: "localhost",

          user: "sql_panel_malang",

          password: "XsKemxnDkB3ZGTeK",

          database: "sql_panel_malang"


        data.forgotPasswordLinkPrefix = ``

        data.reset_password_link = ``

        data.privacy_policy_url = ``

        data.terms_and_conditions_url = ``

        data.paymentLink = ``

        data.iyzicoKey = ``

        data.iyzicoSecretKey = ``

        data.iyzicoURI = ``


      return data;




    still app stuck

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    Support replied

    you must have vps server for that..

    upload api folder on root directory then fire some command which we show on video

    Support DivineTechs
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    Lalan Sarkar replied

    i checked tell me where to put node_api.zip file and its setup or send me exact video link of extracting node_api.zip file where to put on the dtlive admin directory? are you support team else i will raise a complaint on codecanyon

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    Lalan Sarkar replied

    I know the setup of nodejs and making node project live . i already done that see screenshots . but main thing is that u dont have given any instruction to config like base url , database setup instruction on node_api project , admin panel code and instruction given on the documentation which i done , admin panel live https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public/  but u havent given where to extract node_api.zip on main projejct on server side. like on root directory of my domain where admin panel live or anything clear intruction not given and how https://panel.malangkeithel.com/public/api will access as there is no api folder on admin panel project directory


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    Support replied

    pleaes check below video for install node js on server..

    you must have basic knowledge of server for setup node


    Support DivineTechs
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